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Raspberry lemonade Super Browns - 150g
Raspberry lemonade Super Browns - 150g
Raspberry lemonade Super Browns - 150g
Raspberry lemonade Super Browns - 150g

Raspberry lemonade Super Browns - 150g

Bubblegum Grape Yeet Perfect - 150g
Bubblegum Grape Yeet Perfect - 150g
Bubblegum Grape Yeet Perfect - 150g
Bubblegum Grape Yeet Perfect - 150g

Bubblegum Grape Yeet Perfect - 150g

Natural Phlora Phuel  - 150g
Natural Phlora Phuel  - 150g
Natural Phlora Phuel  - 150g
Natural Phlora Phuel  - 150g

Natural Phlora Phuel - 150g



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Prebiotics are food for probiotics (live organisms)


Probiotics are live organisms that feed on prebiotics and create postbiotics


A matrix of the substances made through fermentation with prebiotic substrates, probiotics (Live Cells) and paraprobiotics (Unviable Cells)

Phyba with GUT MATRIX

Custom blend of probiotics and prebiotics selected to specifically to work synergistically with the plant protein bend.

Pea protein

It's a high-quality plant-based protein that's easily digested and contains all nine essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and repair.

Sunflower seed protein

It's rich in essential amino acids, especially arginine, which promotes blood flow and protein synthesis in muscles, and is also high in fiber for digestive health.

Watermelon seed protein

It's a complete protein source that contains all essential amino acids, including high levels of citrulline, which enhances muscle performance and recovery.

Pumpkin seed protein

It's a great source of essential amino acids, especially tryptophan, which supports muscle repair and recovery, and also contains high levels of zinc for immune system support.

Gut Matrix

Gut Matrix Is a complex of pre, pro and post-biotic compounds that may aid in the digestion and overall health of the gut microbiome. This is ingredient is a revolutionary step towards enhancing the true power of post-biotic compounds.

PHYBA™ - Where did we come from?

I'm James Newbury - welcome to the world of Phyba™! My extensive experience as a Crossfit Games Athlete has cemented my unwavering belief in holistic nutrition as the hallmark of athletic performance. Inspired by the numerous questions I received about plant-based living over the years, I set out to create the best plant-based protein and performance supplements on the market today.

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The era of Postbiotics is here! You beauty!

Here is the technical definition of postbiotics: Postbiotics are substances produced by microorganisms in the gut as a result of the fermentation of dietary fibres and other complex carbohydrates. These substances can include a variety of different metabolites, such as short-chain fatty acids, gases, and enzymes, and they can have beneficial effects on the body. Some research suggests that postbiotics may be involved in a number of important physiological processes, including immune system function and the maintenance of a healthy gut microbiota. In other words postbiotics are bloody good for ya and just like we are told "eat the whole-food" we have collected the whole pre, pro and postbiotic matrix to enhance all our supplements from the bottom up. This helps to enhance absorption and promote longevity, health and insane performance.


Ariel Blyth


I have been a vegan for over 11years and in the fitness industry for around 17 years so I have tried a LOT of supplements. Currently, I am a busy single Mumma of three that loves to CrossFit for longevity. Incorporating PHYBA into my morning smoothie has been a game changer, my Byron recipe is frozen mango, spinach, coconut water and a scoop of vanilla protein. I’ve found I can have this pre or post WOD with extended energy and vitality. I also love the option of choc Phyba in coconut water for a comp setting. Salted Caramel tastes best with organic oat mylk ~ community approved 💪🏾 I love that this protein is the smoothest vegan blend I’ve had, tastes great and incorporates the gut matrix.

Jordi Gunn


What a bloody game changer! I have never found a plant basted protein I actually like till now! Usually I find them a bit grainy or have a weird after-taste; but NOT AT ALL with PLNT 🙌🏼 & Salted caramel is my fav 🤎

Brinkley Davies


I’m so impressed with this protein powder! I’ve been plant based for over a decade and never really found one that I’ve looked forward to drinking until now, also that’s so jam packed with ingredients that are so powerful for our health. I look forward to having this everyday and notice a difference afterwards with my energy levels. Couldn’t recommend any higher, 💙

Kayla Banfield


With so many proteins on the market, it’s hard to know which one out there is the best quality, and best value for money. I am very health conscious so I was immediately attracted to the benefits of Phyba’s Gut Matrix. My life is crazy busy and I live a stressful life, so it’s important for me to only consume foods that are going to support a healthy body. I have worked with Matt Legge previously in a naturopathic space and felt that he would produce only the best, and I have not been disappointed! The cherry on top is that it actually tastes good. sometimes we have to compromise health for taste, but not this time. Phyba is now a staple in my diet and I will not be looking back!

Alex Holland


Hellloooooo!!! I wanted to send you a little message saying THANK YOU for PHYBA Vanilla protein - I’ve had it for a week now and it works so well with my life style. It compliments my training well, TASTES AMAZING, doesn’t have that powdery feel after you drink it. It’s smooth, easy to drink, and the best part is that it’s all plant base which fits my diet perfectly. It’s freaking delicious, can NOT go wrong with this choice of protein! Thanks James and the PHYBA team 🫶🏼 BIG BIG love Alex 🤍

Mik Diblasio


Absolutely love the new Phyba protein! I’ve got the chocolate flavour and the taste is great! It’s not sickly sweet like lots of other plants proteins and also doesn’t have a bad texture, again like lots of other brands. Love how each ingredient has been so carefully chosen, making it super clean and natural 🙌🏻🫶🏻

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